Lars Lauridsen – About me

Who is Lars Lauridsen?

I am the technical lead in the Digital Communication team in a member association in Denmark. Besides web development, I am interested in project management, user experience, content strategy and social media. Those are the primary subjects on this blog.

When developing at work, I’m a fullstack developer, but I’m focused on the .Net framework and the Sitecore Customer Experence Platform.  I’m interested in the interaction between development and user experience, content  strategy and social media.

Besides this blog,, I am also present at different social media. At this time, my activity is mostly centered at twitter, instagram and snapchat .

In my spare time, I try to read a bit. Right now I am particularly inspired by Austin Kleon and his book Show Your Work. I also play a few role playing games like Eclipse Phase with a circle of friends. From time to time I find myself watching a few tv shows late at night. I can not remember when I last watched flow tv though, using Netflix and HBO instead. I also like to go to concerts, mostly with artists in the indiepop or indierock genres.

I will review a few concerts and tv-shows on this blog.


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